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Crawling out of the Darkness

The journey through the Labyrinth into purpose and truth

People suffer a number of wounds for different periods of time in their lives, at times these wounds can be self-inflicted or put upon us by others, but most are a combination of both. The experience of these wounds can cause us to focus on the pain we suffer, the power of others in our lives or the injustice of the situations. Yet every person, be it after years of suffering or a sudden tragic event reaches a chasm in their existence that decides ones future and how the story will end, that moment in time that causes one to re-evaluate their lives.

This trail will cause one to come out of the experience with one of three possibilities. Surrender to the suffering, the pain and the despair while living in hate of self and or others slowly dying each day, or fight everything and kill even those who could help one as the anger and bitterness becomes septic and destroys oneself, while the last category of sufferers learn from their circumstances, become better, and overcome it for their benefit and all who come close to them.

They shine forth with a light so bright that assures humanity that beyond this world, beyond this moment, beyond this cry within your soul, there is hope.