Gamuchirai Semukele Lindsay Mandebvu

Author, researcher, communicator and interconnecting diversity advocate

She currently works as a consultant at Pinnet Mercy Consultancy. She considers herself a global citizen who has a holistic understanding of humanity and the challenges they must overcome, having spent formative years in Germany with her parents creating in me a unique world-view and social mindset.

Following a Traumatic Occupational experience that became a chasm in her life she began to serve society through the nonprofit sector, her experience led to her writing her Book Crawling out of the Darkness - subtitled from the Labyrinth into purpose and truth.

She has worked in banking, the private sector and non profit organisation building up her experience and skills. During her work in the non-profit sector she developed an appreciation of the power training and mentoring, and its impact on any field of operation. Women were held back from position of leadership by their limited experience but inexperience does not guarantee failure be it leadership in politics, profession or economy. She believes that anyone can attain the success of their vision if assisted with research, guidance in communication, analysis that leads to ownership and administration that absorbs divers skills and input. Success of a leader (a corporate head, innovator, entrepreneur or individual seeking to make their mark in a filed) requires that they be mentored, guided, capacitated and networked. Without support structures failure is guaranteed their unique input will add even greater value than retaining the status quo. Advancing the rights of the minority in a holistic and symbolic Manner is part of her social brand