Diaspora Reengagement efforts in Zimbabwe
Abstract Discussion on migration focuses on the movement of the ethnic majorities in nations. While studies on migration of minorities will bring forth great insight to the cultural, social and political dynamics of these countries. Future migration studies that include insight into minority groups will aid efforts on dynamic awareness,
Gender Fatigue — a Backlash or Inherent Reality
Abstract The gender movement is meeting internal and external pressures that are forcing its deceleration, this new attack of gender fatigue is directed at the application and fundamental structures of the movement. There is opportunity for advocates to respond as a victims or as a students of human relations. Keywords
Choice, Truth and Reality in Youth Issues
Abstract Youths – the younger generation, those between the ages of 18 and 35 years, form a significant percentage of the global population. This group of individuals constitute a fifth of the World’s population, as such, they need to be included in every decision-making process. In Africa, they are recognised
Gender Based Violence – The Challenge of Social Ownership
Abstract Domestic violence affects every member of the family, including the children. Domestic violence, also called intimate partner violence or Gender Based Violence. The weak and dependent members are repeatedly dis-empowered but tragically also add to the disempowerment amongst the victims of the primary perpetrators. Family violence creates a home